We are the leading provider of Money Market Instrument Administration services in the Global Money Markets. From vanilla short term debt instruments to the most complex variable rate programs, we provide a range of services for issuers of Corporate and Asset Back Commercial Paper, Certificates of Deposit, and Medium term Notes. Our web based applications, Money Market Agent (MMA) and Global Program Reporting (GPR) were developed specifically for the successful administration of money market instrument programs. We provide online information on outstandings, maturities, forthcoming payments, plus a range of other crucial data to issuers and program administrators. We also provide online trade management (entry and confirmation) capabilities.

The challenge

The Global Money Markets are fast moving and are highly streamlined. Issuers need to settle high volumes of trades in tight time frames in a same-day funds environment and within International Central Securities Depository deadlines. Issuers require real-time information on the status of their transactions plus the ability to communicate trades quickly and in a secure environment.

The solution

We offer a full range of services to facilitate the issuance of money market instruments, including Issuing & Paying Agency, Trustee, Common Depository, Registrar, and Calculation Agency services.

Our ability to settle in more than 25 currencies allows clients maximum flexibility. Our links with the DTCC, Euroclear and Clearstream and many other clearing and settlement systems worldwide enable clients to take advantage of niche funding opportunities.

Our services encompass the full range of Issuing and Paying Agent Services:

  • Issuance of securities
  • Monitoring of outstanding
  • Interest payments to investors

Clients benefit from:

  • Centralised information across all of their programme debt via our web-based communications and reporting systems, Global Program Reporting (GPR)  and Money Market Agent (MMA) available via the Autobahn Market App portal
  • 24-hour access to real-time data on their programs
  • Standardised, pre-formatted reports for ease and speed of use
  • Ability to create and save customised queries and reports maintained in their own profile library
  • Information can be exported to other desktop, treasury workstations or mainframe applications for further manipulation
  • Online trade confirmation

The benefits

Best in class services and technology
We are a recognised leading provider of trust and agency services in the Global Money Markets. Our teams have worked on an extensive range of asset classes, jurisdictions and transaction types.

Our Client Service specialists provide consistent, high quality support to our clients, which is why our clients return to us again and again. We utilise a combination of industry leading systems to provide comprehensive agency services, with the ability to securely issue and settle high volumes of money market instruments in tight timeframes, interact with market participants, securely settle cash globally and provide trustee services. We have significant ongoing investment in system and infrastructure enhancements, as well as selective in sourcing from external vendors.

Global reach, local touch
Deutsche Bank’s Institutional Cash & Securities Services specialises in servicing the capital markets, with a presence in over 30 countries, over 1,000 staff and over €5 trillion in securities administered. We have specialised centres of excellence in London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, New York, and Singapore as well as a global network of more than 70 countries and 90 languages. We expertly service, from the most basic transactions, to more complex cross border financings, with multi-currency cash flows, in EMEA, Asia, and the Americas. With our global reach and local knowledge all transactions will be dealt with efficiently and professionally, and in the appropriate time zone

Industry participation
Our team of experts has the breadth of knowledge to ensure all fiduciary and administrative aspects of a transaction are efficiently executed, enabling the smooth operation of the transactions globally. We feature:
  • Issuance into the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC),  Euroclear and Clearstream
  • Common Depositary in the International Central Securities Depositories (ICSDs)
  • Active involvement in  Industry Groups, and the Commercial Paper Issuers Working Group (CPIWG)
  • Direct systemic links with all major ICSDs and participants (Issuers,   Brokers, Custodians)


Our services include:
  • Issuing & Paying Agent
  • Principal Paying Agent
  • Common Depositary
  • Listing Agent
  • Tender/Exchange/Consent Agent
  • Conversion Agent
  • Settlement Agent
  • Account Bank
  • Calculation Agent
  • Registrar
  • Fiscal Agent
  • Trustee Services
  • Depository/Escrow Agent

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