Institutional Cash & Securities Services

The Institutional Cash & Securities Services unit has around EUR 1.7 trillion of assets under custody and is one of the world’s largest and most experienced providers of administrative services for capital market instruments and other types of financing. It provides custody, clearing and related services in more than 30 markets.

  • Institutional Cash focuses on cash management solutions including payment, clearing and liquidity management services for banks and non-bank financial institutions.

  • Investor Services operates a custody network that covers 30 markets and provides a range of services for global custodians and other major asset gatherers. It also offers fund services and agency securities lending.

  • Issuer Services provides depositary services for depositary receipts as well as registrar, paying agent and related services for German equities. It is a leading trustee/paying agent for bonds and other debt financings and one of the largest trustees and administrators in the securitization market. The team also sets up and administers special purpose companies in jurisdictions around the world.

  • Top rated by cross-border as well as leading clients in Western Europe

Global Custodian  Agent Bank Survey for Major Markets 2013,  Sept  2013

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