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TreasuryPulse Americas
Liquidity Management: Embracing Change - A Look at Treasury Trends and Drivers for 2014
Treasury Strategy: Maximizing Opportunities in the New Normal
Electronic Payments: SEPA, Global XML Standard Help Drive Adoption of Integrated Payables
Bank Messaging: Joining SWIFT - Sponsorship, Formats, Connectivity and Other Considerations

No 1, 2014

TreasuryPulse EMEA
Embracing change - Making the most efficient use of liquidity
SEPA as a catalyst for change – Leveraging SEPA migration project to embark on a transformation project
New trade patterns and emerging markets - South-south trade is reshaping the global landscape
Emerging economic activity in Africa — Optimising correspondent banking relationships
Resurgence in trade finance – Development of a more integrated, end-to-end supply chain automation offering

No 3, 2013

TreasuryPulse Asia Pacific
International Trade: Banking on New Trade Corridors
Foreign Exchange: Renminbi - From a Local Currency to a Currency for Cross-Border Trade and Investments
Country Spotlight: Singapore – A Potential Hub for Offshore Renminbi Clearing
Banking News: Deutsche Bank Opens Branch in Qingdao, China

No 2, 2013


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