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Deutsche Bank offers a one-stop-shop for managing and processing national and international payment transactions. As one of the few truly global transaction banks and one of the largest clearing banks in Europe, Deutsche Bank is connected to all the major clearing houses worldwide and is linked to many correspondent banks across the globe. In addition, as one of the top-five clearing bank in the US based on volume, Deutsche Bank is well placed to efficiently process all global payment transactions.

Commercial Payments
Deutsche Bank's understanding of the business needs of clients has enabled the building of a comprehensive array of funds transfer products and services designed to accommodate the requirements of all types of transactions and to maximize the value of clients’ business. As the largest provider of EUR clearing services and a leading clearing bank in the US, Deutsche Bank is positioned as the prime choice for processing commercial payments, and understanding the requirements of a complex market infrastructure.  Full scale, highly flexible payment solutions can be tailored to meet the individual needs of financial institutions and shield them from the varying charging practices that still exist across the globe. Accordingly, the concentration of payment flows via Deutsche Bank is based on the different options available across a range of product features.

Treasury Payments
As one of the few truly global providers, Deutsche Bank supports clients in consolidating their international transaction business with a single trusted partner. Deutsche Bank is the world's number one EUR clearer based on volume, the fifth-ranked USD CHIPS clearer and the sixth largest GBP CHAPS clearer. Deutsche Bank's Treasury Clearing solution is designed to help clients improve the efficiency of intraday cash flows by providing services to control payment prioritisation and manage complex structured payment arrangements.  

SEPA Clearing
Deutsche Bank offers SEPA clearing services (SEPA connect) for both Credit Transfers and Debit Debits via EBA STEP2, bilateral file exchange and in-house transfers. The SEPA connect model ensures that our clients are SEPA-enabled with extended scope as well as minimum investment. Deutsche Bank believes that "Reachability" is one of the key requirements for the success of SEPA and our SEPA solution is thus an integral component of our overall global clearing and settlement service offering. Deutsche Bank’s solution continues to provide our financial institution clients with a single-entry point to full scale and highly flexible payment solutions for all inbound and outbound SEPA and non-SEPA payments. 


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